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Do you post on Craigslist? If you do, then you are aware that there are two main account types. General or un-verified and phone verified accounts. Phone verified Craigslist accounts are special and should not be used like normal accounts. This is something that should always be kept in mind when posting. So, how often can one safely post ads on Craigslist with a verified account?Craigslist phone verified accounts have specific rules on how they can be used. These rules were introduced by Craigslist to try and enforce their terms of service. If you do not adhere to these verified account rules, you more than likely will find your accounts quickly banned or put on hold by Craigslist. Since a phone number can only be used once to verify an account, it is vital that you follow these rules to avoid having your account and the linked phone number banned forever. The main point to remember when using verified accounts is to not post too often. This may be difficult for some people who are used to posting on Craigslist via email or unverified accounts where there are much less strict rules on how many times you can post an ad. Just how often does Craigslist permit phone verified accounts to post ads? Do not post anymore than one ad every 48 hours to stay within Craigslist rules on verified accounts. If you post more than this there is a good chance that after a while your account will be suspended. If Craigslist detects that you have posted a similar or same ad more than once within a 48 hour timeframe, a warning screen is shown and you are given a warning that you are trying to post a similar ad and should not be doing this. If you do happen to see this warning, immediately stop using that verified account for a few days and switch to posting with other accounts. When using verified accounts to post it is best to use multiple accounts and swap amongst them while posting. Post with one set of accounts on the first day then change to a second set of verified accounts on the second day and finally change back to the first set on the third day. Only on the third day should you post with accounts from group A again. The key point to remember is not to post more than one ad every 48 hours when using Phone Verified Craigslist Accounts.With a little care, phone verified accounts can be used for many months to post ads on Craigslist with. The main rule is to never post more than 1 ad every 48 hours. Doing this is the first step to avoid having your Craigslist phone verified accounts put on hold and suspended forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you transfer money using paypal to a POSB account?
    I have to transfer money to a POSB account, and I'm using paypal. But when I clicked the 'send money' section they asked only for the EMAIL of the recipient and not the POSB account number. So should I go ahead and enter the email or am I doing the wrong thing. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      If it ask for email address of the recipient, then you need to put that in, but also as a reference, in the subject line, and description, make sure you put the other pertinent information that refers to this situation. Now before you do this, it is better to contact Ebay/Paypal, they have a toll free number, and they are always willing to help you out. I am really sure this is how to do it, but it's better safe than sorry. Thanks

    How long will it take OCBC fund transfer to POSB ACCOUNT?
    How long will it take OCBC fund transfer to POSB ACCOUNT?

    • ANSWER:
      no more than 24 hours!!!!

    How to withdraw Paypal to POSB Singapore Bank Account? (difference between Savings & Checking Account)?
    Hi, I tried to transfer money from my Paypal to my POSB account, but I was confused when comes to fill in the account detail.

    My POSB is just a 'normal' / 'standard' account (I don't know the difference between checking & savings account). Which option should I take?

    I suppose it's savings since I never write any cheque, but after reading other posts I got more confused (cause I read that to open savings account you need to put SGD 2,000 etc..)

    Is my 'normal' account already considered 'savings' account?

    Or do I need to open another new 'savings' account with POSB / DBS?

    If I don't can I still do the withdrawal / transfer using my existing normal account?

    Anybody who has done successful transfer please help..

    I had tried to withdraw to my StanChart eSaver and it was returned with SGD 9.00 fee (but that's another story..)

    Thanks a lot before!

    • ANSWER:
      You basically sweep the funds using PayPal. The "type" isnt important. All PayPal wants to know is the ABA routing # (identifies the bank its going to).. and the account number (where the money is to be posted)...

    How can I start a PayPal account with my Singapore POSB account?

    • ANSWER:
      Try to get a credit card and use your credit card to settle with Paypal. This way you get added protection in case of fraud when your POSB account is emptied and PayPal refuse to refund. With Credit Card you have additional protection unless it is banks like Standard Chartered which holds you 100% liable.

    How do i transfer money from POSB to Paypal account?10 points for best answer?
    i live in Singapore and my bank account is posb....
    i would like to buy things online using my paypal account as i do not have credit card
    (i am only 17 this year).

    So i need a guide on how i can put money from my posb bank into my paypal account?
    and is it even possible to transfer money from a normal local bank into my paypal account?

    Please help and thanks in advances.
    thanks for replying ^^

    • ANSWER:
      For starters, your bank account should already be linked to your PayPal account. You HAVE to link your checking account to your PayPal account - a credit card account is optional, and is only used as verification. If this bank account is not linked, you can link it. Click the "My Account Tab" > Hover over "Profile" > Click on "Add or Edit Bank Account".

      Nonetheless, adding money is just as easy.

      1. Click on the "My Account Tab".
      2. Hover over "Add Funds" > click on "Add Funds from Bank Account".
      3. Select the bank account you want from the drop down menu.
      4. Enter the amount you want to add from your bank account to your PayPal account.
      5. Click "Continue".
      6. And that's it. It takes about 3-5 business days to go through, usually depends on who you bank with.

    Funds transfer from UOB account to POSB account?
    How to transfer money from a UOB account to a POSB account?

    • ANSWER:
      Through internet banking. But it will takes about a couple of days for the $ to be credited into the POSB account. Make sure you have the account number ready for the transfer.

    Easiest way to transfer money from a Westpac (Australian) Bank account to a POSB (Singaporean) Bank account?
    For a transfer of 50 dollars or so, so something practical and preferably low cost.

    (And if I'm not mistaken, paypal is NOT compatible with POSB/DBS bank accounts. Therein lies my problem. However if you know otherwise and know how to link a POSB/DBS account to paypal, by all means tell me)

    • ANSWER:
      Paypal only insists on a checking account. They don't accept linking to savings account. Why not call the Paypal hotline and ask if they accept DBS checking account? They accepted a UOB (another S'pore bank) account, so I don't see why they won't accept a DBS one.

    Depositing into a POSB Account?
    I have recently made a pre-order on a particular shop,however it requires me to send the deposit into their person's bank account by tranfsering the money into the nearest POSB station.How do you deposit money into a POSB account if you don't have one[I do not have POSB/DBS accounts]?Do I have to transfer the money in the form of a Cheque or just Cash will do fine?And also,I only have to give the cashier the Cheque/Cash + the bank account no. of the peson I'm going to transfer to,and they will just transfer it?

    Sorry if this is sounding confusing because I myself is not even sure of the procedures. >_>

    • ANSWER:
      Just get a cheque, attention to the person or company's name (depends whether the account number belong to which)
      , plus; at the back of the check, write down the account number that you are transferring to, and the purpose of this cheque, like "Buying xxxx" and throw it into the cheque deposit box of POSB bank will do.

    Can I deposit cash into a third party account in OCBC, POSB, DBS bank account?
    I want to buy something from a blogshop

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can. You only need the account number at the cash deposit machine.

    bank account , pls help [posb]?
    when i was young , i open a bank account[posb] together with my mums name , i'm thinking of cancelling it , do i need to bring my mum along ? if i wanted a posb card , can i bring along my father to the bank in stead of my mum ?

    • ANSWER:
      if your moms name is on the account she has to be there to sign off on it. if it is just your name you can do it by yourself

    can i transfer from one posb account to another? how do i do that?

    • ANSWER:
      yeah..you can..if you want to do it online you need to have online account in POSB or DBS bank.Once you have the account and the security device..you need to log in and then add the other account(to which you want to transfer) and then transfer

    How do I transfer money from a DBS ATM to my PayPal account?
    I'm trying to get L4D2 on Steam by using my PayPal account,but I don't know how to transfer money from my POSB account to my PayPal account by ATM.I don't know how to so please tell me every detail of the solution,including where to find the account no. of my PayPal account.I don't want to create an iBanking account.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Lim.There is only way to transfer money from your PayPal account to your Bank account is NEFT.National Electronic fund Transfer.You should hav a bank account which supports NEFT.eg. HDFC,ICICI,HSBC and AXIS bank.You have to mention your exact bank account name bank account number and IFSCI code.You can find this code in your cheque book or you can ask this in your branch.basicaly it is a branch code.Another method is cheque.You can request PayPal for cheque.But PayPal charge Rs.500 rupees for this and amount should be more than Rs.6000.It takes more than 20 days.
      Nishant Sharma

    POSB and DBS saving account.?
    Hello i am new to singapore i would like to ask if i can use my POSB saving account to transfer money to my friends DBS account? Please reply ASAP URGENT

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can but you'll need to sign up with DBS for an iBanking service + device and you'll have to wait for them to send it to you via snail mail so thats going to be slow.

      Offline, you can use the ATM machines to do funds transfer. All you need is yr friends account number!

    how to transfer money to a POSB bank account?

    • ANSWER:
      Just use the ATM, using the "Transfer" option to transfer money from another DBS or POSB account.

    Why POSB atm card cant transfer fund to any DBS account?
    My family & friends card cant transfer fund to DBS account. Aren't they link?

    I bought something on ebay which cost less than and i cant transfer the payment to her DBS saving plus account. I only got POSB Bank Account. The seller do not accept meetup.Do anyone got any ideas how to make payment to the seller other than going down to the bank as i having extremely tight schedule? I do not have cheque too.

    Is it possible to bank deposit any amount using the POSB bank deposit machine?

    • ANSWER:
      I think the prob is due to .

      The deposit box doesn't accept or . Only above 10.

    To apply for POSB Mastercard debit, do i need to have a specific amount of money in my bank account?
    I tried applying online and i have to fill out the occupation/income section. I'm 22 this year and am still a student. So, can i still apply? And is it free to sign-up? I need the debit card to shop online:)

    • ANSWER:
      you can go to the POSB debit card website to check out more details about the card


    POSB Passbook savings account?
    Where do you find the account number?
    Isit the 8-digits on the card?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a passbook, it's in the very first page, under A/C No.

    Hi. If I want to close a POSB kids account, what documents do I need and how long will it take? Urgent.?

    • ANSWER:
      less than 60 sec im a operator i can help u now if you like

    where to find the POSB branch code and institution code for paypal account?
    DBS-POSB bank

    • ANSWER:
      I can give you a link that deals with Payapl & Ebay transactions through Paypal. PayPal is one of the most popular online money transfer systems widely used for online auctions, pay to surf programs, e-books and purchase of low value goods. It is now a part of the online auction website eBay. More details available at

    How to subscribe to a "Paypal" account in Singapore? Thanks.?
    I only have a POSB account in Singapore. Don't intend to subscribe to a credit card. With best regard.

    • ANSWER:
      you can start an account with paypal

      but to fund the account, u would need either a credit card or a debit card. you can apply for the posb debit card to fund your paypal account (if u need to pay someone for an auction on ebay or sumthin)

      hope this helps!

    Can I do bank transfer from POSB to DBS using ATM?
    Posb account number have digits, how about DBS account number? O_o

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you can. All account NUMBER have digit.

    How to buy thing from the online store?
    I have POSB account. If I apply for POSB master card, can I use it for buying online things. When applying for master card, do I need to pay money for the bill every month. I am trying my best how to buy things from the online store but I cannot do it.

    • ANSWER:
      Does your POSB issue debit cards such as MC, Visa? Apply for one if available. It should work as a credit card online.

    POSB is the least interest n the least benefit bank in Singapore?Why do everyone still had an account there?
    POSB's interest is annually n normally it's few cents if u only have few thousand in the bank.Investment plan they came out,normally,the invester only recieve little gift or benefit depends on the number of risk they say will take.Unlike others,they give ipod,pc,ps2 etc.

    • ANSWER:
      POSB is the first "Government" bank in Singapore. In the past, there was no minimum amount to open a account with POSB. Thus, most Singaporean have a account with POSB. In school, students were encouraged to save by opened an account with POSB, and they would buy stamps to encourage saving.

    Im using a POSB Debit Card to sell stuff at Ebay. Must i sign up for a Paypal account??
    Wats the difference between making a Paypal account or not??
    Need help????
    Any Tips???

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think it's a requirement.

      But, if you are selling stuff - many people will want to pay using PayPal.

      It's easier for buyers. I've not bid on things because a seller did not accept PayPal payments.

    Where to find the POSB branch code and institution code for paypal account?

    • ANSWER:
      Bank Name is : DBS Bank Ltd

      Institution code : 7171
      Please use below link for other bank codes:

      Branch Code : 081

      Account No: Your 9 digit number

      Note that this is applicable for POSB account only.

    Debit card and Bank account help?
    So, i want to pay a person in Singapore on her bank account (POSB Branch) I have her bank account number but I have no idea how to pay her... is there anyway to give her money through my debit card? (visa debit card from walmart) I really need help!! Tell me if i have to get a bank account of my own and if i do can you explain a little...?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe Western Union. She can get her money that way too.

    Singapore bank : POSB ?
    Okay, I did a fund transfer from my POSB savings account to someone else's savings account, and the machine didn't issue me a receipt. But I need the receipt.. Is there a way I can get it? Like call the banking officer or smtg? Pls help! :(

    • ANSWER:
      why did the machine not issue a receipt ?
      you can try to log into eBanking and print a receipt...
      or go to the bank to get one

    posb nets on yahoo auction?
    hi guys.
    this is regarding yahoo auction. how am i able to start selling/buying if i only have posb nets. is it possible for transaction to be made online using posb accounts? instead of the normal american express or visa?

    • ANSWER:
      if you stick to singapore yahoo auctions, then you can do interbank transfers via POSB or other local banks.

    someone ask for my savings account no.?
    im buying things from someone from the net,he ask for my POSB savings account number.he did not ask for the 6 digit number but the long number instead eg. 008-56127-3.should i trust this person?and when i give him the long numbers and my address,what EXACTLY will he do?

    • ANSWER:
      Steal your money. Even asking for the address is beyond wrong.

      There are other places where you can safely buy things on the Internet. It just happens not to be him.

    where can i buy vampire knight ds online?
    i really want to buy but i can't find a website that use POSB saving account to pay.

    • ANSWER:

    posb singapore?
    may i know how do i make a POSB transfer to another account? im doing some online shopping here. :)

    • ANSWER:
      agree with unnga, just get the other party's account number and you can transfer to it and double check the account number as well. happy shopping, cheers

    i am 14 this year.i want to earn money in singapore by answering some internet questions?
    the money will be transfered to my POSB savings account.is it possible?

    • ANSWER:
      you can also try pay to click sites as alternative, they pay trough paypal and alertpay,give it a chance,visit my blog for details.


    anyone from singapore experience with clickbank?
    can i bank in the clickbank check into my Singapore POSB account?

    • ANSWER:
      just write yr name..n account number on the back...and the return address.. it will take 3 working days for the check to transit....

    possible to have two savings account?
    i want to avail another saving s account at the same bank..isn't it possible to apply for it here in singapore?because i want to separate my savings to my existing account which my salary goes...my bank...POSB...
    thanks and all the best
    thanks for immediate answer....

    • ANSWER:
      Certainly in the US, it is possible - many of our users at Thrive have more than one savings account, specifically to do what you want to do.

      Another option is to think about "virtual" savings accounts. That is, you can use a financial management program for free online (Thrive, Wesabe, and Mint are some well-known ones), and then use their planning features to set aside specific money towards specific things. The money still resides in the same account, but you can track it as if it were separate.

    money transfer by bank account! HELP! singapore?
    i need to transfer money from my bank to another bank account.
    but may i ask by transferring, can use the posb bank book at the atm machine to transfer??

    • ANSWER:
      You can't transfer funds between two different Banks (Except POSB & DBS, if you considered them as two different Banks).

    best way to remit money online from Singapore to India ?
    I have a POSB account in Singapore and an NRE account with Axis bank in India..... what is the best possible way to remit money to the Indian accout in Sing $'s

    • ANSWER:
      The originating bank will do an electronic transfer for you, it's the safest way and probably the least expensive. All you need do is call your bank and see what transfer and routing numbers you will need for the account that is going to receive the money. You will need at least four. 1) Country, 2) Bank 3) Branch, 4) Account.

      Don't forget to check out the law with the receiving bank, it will be on the country's official website under travel information. Also knowing Singapore as I do, I wouldn't be surprised if your Singapore bank knows the amounts and has the forms. Most countries have laws that you have to report transfers over a certain amount and that holds true no matter the method of transfer. You just have to give your name and the amount, it's to discourage drug dealers. Most countries in the world are now signatories of a treaty that allows for the free transfere of funds. For example you can bring as much money into the U.S. from Canada and from Canada to the U.S as you want. If it's less than ,000 you don't have to do anything. But If it's over ,000, you have to report it, just your name and the amount, no muss no fuss, it takes 30 seconds. Again it's just to discourage drug dealers and they can't use the information for any other purpose But if you don't report it the money can be confiscated.

      Millions of people do it this way every day because it is the safest and most efficient. You can't be robbed, there is a trace in case something goes wrong, but I've never know that to happen, so it's absolutely safe.

      ps, the receiving bank takes the money as is. If you send Singapore dollars they won't convert it unless you ask for the funds to be converted to the other currency. So for the purposes of the transfer the receiving bank, if you want to keep the money in Singapore dollars, you'll have to set up a temporary account in the India bank that is in Singapore dollars. .

      You can do this very easily over the net or with a fax. If you want the funds converted to India's currency and deposited into your existing account, you have to ask for a transfer and a conversion at the same time, otherwise they will assume it's a simple transfer as that is what most people want.

      The reason why is that it is usually cheaper to convert the money in India. The receiving country always gives you the better exchange rate. But if it's a small amount and you don't care about the small difference, the Singapore bank will convert it into India's currency at a slightley higher rate of exchange than you would get in India and then place it in your or someone elses India bank account.

      pps, all banks will give you their routing numbers over the phone or over e-mail. If you have a chequing account, the numbers may even be on your cheques.

      Some banks do so many transfers they just need a cheque. You write "Void" in the middle of the cheque and draw a line across the cheque, corner to corner. They will even set up the temporary account at your India bank for you denominated in Singapore dollars. You sign a form, give them a voided cheque, that's it.

    i am from singapore i am intrested in stock market?
    i have my own posb saving account with 10k inside how do i buy stock and sell stock in a website or etc do i need to open other account?

    • ANSWER:
      To trade you need to open CDP account and other paperwork. For online trading, I suggest you go with one of the biggest in Singapore - Phillip Securities.

      The website is www.poems.com.sg. There is a detailed section under "Getting Started - Open Trading Account with Phillip Securities" that will give you the answers you want.

    transfer money without atm card?
    how can i transfer money to a posb account if i dont have an atm/ account?

    • ANSWER:
      American Express, Wells Fargo, Western Union but you have to pick it up in person at one of their offices and you must have some sort of a bank account. You don't have to be American!

    What do I do after I added my bank account on Paypal ?
    Okay , so I'm new at this pay pal thing . I just added my bank account to pay pal , so can I start buying things or Ebay now or do I have to wait ? I'm in SG using POSB btw .

    For now there's no funds in my paypal acc , do I have to transfer money there or can I make purchases just like that & they'll deduct it from my acc ?

    Hope someone can help me . Thanks !
    Btw , there's a unverified at the status of my paypal acc . How do i get it to be verified ?
    ERR , so i need to add a credit card to verify my acc ? If i dont have a credit card, can i still use paypal & pay thru my bank acc?

    • ANSWER:
      If you added your bank account to it, then you are ready to start buying. Any purchase you make will be deducted from your bank account.

      You won't have a balance unless you sell something or someone transfers money into your paypal account.

      I'm not sure on how to get verified. I know there's a button for "Get verified today" or something, but I myself have not had mine verified yet, and it doesn't affect you being able to buy stuff.

    PayPal and POSB Transaction codes.?
    The is my first time trying to withdraw money from my PayPal account, and may I ask if withdrawing from PayPal is categorized under IBS in the passbook?

    Because I have this same amount of money deposited into my account under IBS as the amount I withdraw but I'm not even 50% sure if it's from my PayPal withdrawal.

    • ANSWER:
      Withdrawing money from Paypal to an account takes 3-5 days. You can rest assured that if you withdrew the money from paypal that long ago, it's already in your account.

    should i lend 200 dollars to my friend?
    i have a female friend and she say that her family situation is quite bad now and need to borrow some money and given me her posb account..telling me that she will pay me next week. she also tell me not to tell anyone but i secretly ask my best friend whom she also approached. she is also known to hardly return her money..maybe this is some kind of scandal or emergency? the problem is that she changes her no. quite often and now she is currently jobless and after graduated,we will hardly see each other...so should i borrow her......thx for helping :)

    • ANSWER:
      Shakespeare was right.

      "Neither a borrower nor a lender be".

    Withdraw with Cheque from POBS?
    HI. I wonder if it's possible to withdraw money in cheque form instead of cash from POSB savings account. Anyone knows?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you can get a bank cheque, a fee maybe charged...

    questions for all Singaporean...?
    hey guys n gals ... does anyone know about applying the posb debit card...? its like this.. i lost my posb passbook saving account and have never replace one for years coz i dont usually use or update it... i just use my atm card... now i want to make the posb debit card but not sure of certain things... if i do the debit card, am i required to deposit the initial of 500 dlrs? but i already opened one passbook just that i lost it ... but i remember my account number...it says i need to bring my posb passbook account to the branch,does it mean the passbook or i just tell them my account number?? can u guys explain to me in details...thank u so much!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not too sure if you can apply for it without the book, but bring your IC and I am sure they can check your records there. If you have an account with POSB then applying for debit card is not a problem. Now, everyone seems to be getting the GO card in place of NETS, its as good as a debit card. You can withdraw money from any ATMs anywhere in the world with the cirrus or plus sign.

    can i change my signature?
    for singaporean,hi, just wanna know if my posb passbook saving account use a signature but that signature was wen i was teenager and i don quite remember how it looks like coz ive lost my passbook....n never check my pass signature...now i just want to change to a simple signature so i can recognize it...can it be done?

    • ANSWER:
      Just go to your financial institution and take all your id with you. They have your signature on file on a card, you can ask to sign a new card and get a new passbook once you prove who you are.

    where can I cash google adsense chq in sg? And is there a fee to do so? Or can i just bank in any bank acc?
    I got my first google adsense chq afew days ago, i noticed the chq look a little different so I also dunno how to drop it into the quick chq deposit because I only have accounts with UOB and POSB so if you would help me there... appreciated it!!! xD
    the chq is in SGD

    • ANSWER:
      If you are interested in finding out more about affiliate programs I would suggest you checkout SlickAffiliates. You can see their website here: http://www.SlickAffiliates.com

    ATM funds transfer minimum 00?
    I need to transfer a sum of money into another person's account.Using the posb atm machine,what should i click first?
    -insert card
    -other services
    -funds transfer(if im not wrong)
    -posb savings(from)
    -posb savings(to)
    -key in other account's bank account number.
    and the amount i wanna transfer is less than 10.must i reach a certain amount of money?

    • ANSWER:
      If the minimum is 2K, the the only way to do it is by transferring 2K. Try going INTO the bank.

    how can I register myself as a seller in yahoo? it seems that yahoo was unable to verify my mastercard number.
    I tried many times to register as a Yahoo seller in its auctions but apparently, to no avail. I am using a POSB Savings Debit card / MasterCard to verify my account, but it seems that Yahoo was unable to verify it and stated that my credit card was an invalid one. Please give me some guidance! Thank you! :)

    • ANSWER:
      maybe the address is not matching up on the card , are you using the same address, if so you may have to contact yahoo for there reasoning/

    Is PayPal safe for online selling? If not, what are the alternatives?
    Personally, I do not have a PayPal account yet, still thinking of whether to register for it or not. I'm still quite new to this system.

    I read a few articles, I've seen a lot of people with problems on PayPal management especially when they are the seller.

    3 Questions I would like to ask as a newbie.

    1) Can PayPal froze my bank account (E.g. POSB, OCBC)
    2) Is possible that they can make your PayPal balance turn negative, and sue you if you do not pay?
    3) If PayPal is not safe, what are the alternatives for online banking?

    And if you type 'PayPal' on youtube, theres a lot of complains there.

    So I wonder if anyone could tell me or correct me if I'm wrong.

    • ANSWER:
      Imho paypal isnt that safe, if the buyer is a troll he can give some crap reason and start a dispute than make it into a claim, even if claim is unsuccesful he can do a chargeback.

      Alternative : moneybrookers

    when you sign up as a first time paypal user...?
    they do not have POSB as one of the options to verify your bank account ? what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      What is posb?

    Get answers from millions of real people.?
    I have an account at A. Mabini Caloocan Branch. It's a checking account. I just want to know at what atm machine can I use mine here because I am already at Singapore. I already made a lot of withdrawal transactions at POSB atm machine. I just want to know where is the best atm machine where can I withdraw money that has no big charges?
    Please let me know also, how to make deposit transaction here in Singapore to my account in Philippines.
    Hoping for your immediate response.
    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Look at the network on the back of your ATM card. Any bank that uses that network will honor your ATM card....


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